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Share the Wealth

How to End Rentier Capitalism

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A new perspective on the neoliberal world through the prism of rents and rentiers
How can we reduce inequalities ? How can we make work get better recognition and better pay ?
Philippe Askenazy in this new book shows that the current share of wealth is far from natural ; it results from rising rents and their capture by the actors best endowed in the economic game. In this race for rents, the world of work is the big loser : while many workers feed capital rents by increased productivity and worsened working conditions, they are stigmatized as unproductive and their earnings stagnate. By proposing a new description of the capital-work relationship, calling for a remobilization of the world of work, and particularly poorly paid employees, Askenazy shows that there is a more radical alternative to neoliberalism beyond simply redistribution.