Centre Maurice Halbwachs

Allying beyond Social Divides : Coalitions and Contentious Politics in the Middle East and North Africa

Sommaire :
1. Yasmine BERRIANE, Marie DUBOC, “Allying beyond social divides : An introduction to contentious politics and coalitions in the Middle East and North Africa”.
2. Naoual BELAKHDAR, “When unemployment meets environment. The case of the anti-fracking coalition in Ouargla”.
3. Jannis J. GRIM, “Egypt is not for sale ! Harnessing nationalism for alliance building in Egypt’s Tiran and Sanafir island protests”.
4. Zep KALB, “Corporatist coalitions as agents of civil society : The politics of student and labour unions in Iran”.
5. Chaymaa HASSABO, “Coalitions for change in Egypt : Bridging ideological and generational divides in the revolution”.
6. Claudie FIORONI, “Bridging the gap : Social divides and coalition building in the phosphate mining industry in Jordan”.
7. Vincent DURAC, “Opposition coalitions in the Middle East : Origins, demise, and afterlife ?”