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Ceren Sengül


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  • Chercheuse Contractuelle, Septembre 2019 - Septembre 2021(PhD - Sociologie, University of Edinburgh, Royaume-Uni, 2016 ; MSc - Nationalism Studies, University of Edinburgh, Royaume-Uni, 2011)
  • Editorial Manager, Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism
My current research looks at how whiteness is practised within the second generation immigrants from Turkey. Page Orcid Autre affiliation : ENS
Discipline : Sociologie PhD subject : La thèse intitulée "Varieties of ’Kurdishness’ in Turkey : State Rhetoric, Language, and Regional Comparison"
Directeurs de thèse : Dr James Kennedy, Dr Ewan Stein (University of Edinburgh) PRÉSENTATION - AXES DE RECHERCHE :
  • Ethnicity
  • Whiteness
  • Transnationalism
  • Belonging
2018. Customized Forms of Kurdishness in Turkey : State Rhetoric, Locality, and Language Use, London : Lexington Books. Special Issues
Forthcoming. (co-edited with Idreas Khandy), a special journal issue themed ’Nationalism of Nations without States’, Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism. Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
Under review. ‘Kurdishness Through Passive Exposure in Turkey : the Role of Family Environments in Belonging’, Kurdish Studies.
Manuscript in progress. ’Belonging in AKP’s Empire : Yerli ve Milli Citizens of AKP In- and Outside Turkey’.
Manuscript in progress. ‘Same Turkey, Different ‘Elites’ ? : The Myth of ‘New Turkey’’.
Manuscript in progress. ‘Belonging in White Nations : The Case of the Second-Generation Immigrants from Turkey in France’. Research Note
Under review. ‘Understanding Belonging Amongst Second-Generation Immigrants Through Whiteness’, Journal of Czech and Slovak Social Work. Book Chapters (peer-reviewed)
Full paper accepted for publication. ‘Two Rhetoric, Two Forms of ‘Kurdishness’ : The Relationship between ‘Kurdishness’ and the Turkish State’ (in Spanish). In : 2015 : The Time for the Kurds ? The Current Dynamics of the Kurdish Nation, Universidad Internacional of Cuernavaca Morelos. Book Reviews
Forthcoming. ’Book Review of Soner Cagaptay, Erdogan’s Empire : Turkey and the Politics of the Middle East, 2020’, Nations and Nationalism.
2015. ‘Book Review of Ramazan Aras, The Formation of Kurdishness in Turkey : Political Violence, Fear and Pain, Routledge, 2014’, Middle Eastern Studies, 51 : 2, pp. 330-32.
2012. ‘Book Review of Robert Olson, The Kurdish Nationalist Movement in Turkey : 1980 to 2011, Mazda Publishers Inc., 2011’, Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, 12 : 3, pp. 553-55. COMMUNICATIONS :
‘The Myth of ‘New Turkey’ : Kemalism and Erdoğanism as Two Sides of the Same Coin’, (en ligne)
‘What is a Kurd ? What is a Turk ? The Individuality of Ethnicity’, (en ligne)
‘What’s Next for Kurds of Turkey ?’, (en ligne)
‘The United Colours of Opposition in Turkey’s Upcoming Referendum’, (en ligne)
‘A Strong HDP Can Bring New Hopes in Turkey’, (en ligne)

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