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“Statistics, Health and Pandemic in Canada”

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16h00 - 17h30
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, Maria Bach (Université de Lausanne), Merve Burnazoglu (Utrecht University), and Cecilia Lanata-Briones (University of Warwick)
Jean-Pierre Beaud
Abstract: I will attempt to account for how Canada has established, since the 19th century, an apparatus for collecting data relating to public health and will see that pandemics have generally led authorities to attempt to improve its efficiency. I will also propose a model in which the two major features of Canada will play, in a way, the role of explanatory variables: 1. The political formula adopted, namely a specific federalism (different from that implemented in the US, for example). 2. The cultural formula that has prevailed since the early 1970s, namely multiculturalism

Seminar of the Society for the Social Sciences of Quantification (SSSQ)

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