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Mazé Camille

Chargée de recherche en science politique (CNRS) au CEBC (UMR 7273)

Membre de l’équipe ETT du CMH
Dr. Camille MAZE in Social sciences
Faculty senior researcher at the National Scientific Research Centre (CNRS)
Institute for Ecology and Environment (INEE)
Marine sciences laboratory (LEMAR UMR 6539)
European University Institute of the Sea (IUEM)
RTPi APOLIMER – Founder and coordinator
URL for web site :

Social sciences : Anthropology, Political science, Sociology of science
Interaction with natural sciences : sustainability science

Date of birth : 24/03/1981 - Nationality : French - Date of PhD : December 2, 2010

Camille Mazé is Senior researcher in political science and anthropology at the CNRS in France (INEE), in the Marine sciences laboratory (LEMAR). She is a doctor of social sciences (2010), specializing in the study of political actors, institutions and networks to grasp power relationships in different regimes and at different levels of government. She has strong expertise in the field of Culture and in the domain of Human/Nature interaction. Her research covers collective action in all its forms, from the historical forms of "government" and representation of the communities, to the contemporary forms of "governance" and social mobilization. In 2010, Camille defended a Phd at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales and the Ecole Normale Supérieure in France, devoted to the relationship between knowledge and power in the contemporary process of cultural europeanisation and identity, captured in the thorny case of the transformation of the "museums of the Nation" into "museums of Europe". This research was honored in 2012 by the "Pierre Pflimlin Prize for the best thesis on the European construction" and gave rise to two works, one in the CTHS editions in 2013 and the other, in the only author, in 2014 at Belin under a collection in socio-history of institutions. After having worked as lecturer in anthropology at the University of Western Brittany in Brest (2011- 2016), Camille became a researcher at CNRS (CR1) in political science at LEMAR, devoted to studying the "governance" of the sea. It was in this context that she developed and coordinates the APOLIMER international research network (RTPi from CNRS), an unprecedented structure entirely devoted to the political anthropology of the sea, which brings together politicians, anthropologists and ecologists around joint research and action projects in the sense of sustainability science. APOLIMER offers a pool of human and social scientists capable of working with researchers in the natural sciences as well as with engineers from consulting companies, as well as with local stakeholders, decision-makers and communities to ensure the transfer of scientific knowledge to society. This perspective allows the APOLIMER team to propose an integrated analysis of the "governance" of the seas and oceans, from local to international. Her research aims at bringing social sciences of politics into the field of sustainability sciences. She brings out this inter- and transdisciplinary approach in the French and international LTER network, in which she reinforces the social dimension and the study of the social-ecological system governance (LTSER).

A path of excellence in major French schools and universities for training in social sciences

  • 2005-2010 : PhD in Social sciences, specializing in Political studies, EHESS, Paris (the High School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences) and ENS Ulm Jourdan, Paris (the Main Teacher-Researcher Training College in France).
  • 2005 : Master of Advanced Studies (DEA) in Social Sciences, ENS and EHESS.
  • 2002-2004 : Master in Ethnology, Certificate of European Studies, University Paris X Nanterre.
  • 2001-2002 : Bachelor’s degree in Modern and Comparative Literature, University Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle.
  • 1999-2001 : Admitted to 2nd year Sciences Po Paris (French Institute of Political Studies) / 2-year University Diploma (DEUG) in Modern Letters, University Paris IV Sorbonne / 2 years preparatory classes ENS, prestigious High School Henri IV, France.
  • 1999 : Abibac : French and German Baccalaureate Diploma, High School Chateaubriand, France.

Strong leadership capacities, demonstrated both in research and research management

  • 2016 - : Researcher in Political science (LEMAR), CNRS - INEE
  • 2015-2016 : 1-year Detachment from University to CNRS as Researcher at the LEMAR.
  • 2011-present : Senior Anthropology Lecturer (CRBC/UBO) and associate researcher at the Centre Maurice Halbwachs (CMH), ENS-EHESS, Paris.
  • 2011 : Visiting professor at the University of Tampere in Finland for a 2 weeks teaching period and invited by the University Laval in Quebec for a 6 months teaching period (not done because of a direct hiring as Senior Lecturer at UBO).
  • 2008-2010 : Temporary Lecturer and Research Assistant (ATER), Institute of political science (IEP), Bordeaux, France.
  • 2005-2008 : PhD Research Fellowship at CMH, associated to Centre Marc Bloch (Berlin) with a 3 years teaching responsibilities at the University Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne.

A strong recognition in the European Landscape of higher education and research.

  • 2015-2016 : 1-year Detachment for Research at CNRS awarded by UBO and CNRS (INEE).
  • 2014 : 6 months Leave for Research awarded by UBO Scientific Council.
  • 2013 : Granted by the UBO and CRBC to publish the book La fabrique de l’identité européenne, Belin, Paris.
  • 2012 : Pierre Pflimlin Prize for “the best thesis on the construction of Europe in France and/or Germany.”


  • 2017 - : Member of the scientific council of the Ocean-Climate Platform.
  • 2017 - : Member of the scientific council of ILTER international meeting in France.
  • 2016 - : Member of the scientific council of Axis 8 (Social-ecological systems), Labex Mer.
  • 2013 - : Founder and coordinator of APOLIMER.

International conference, advanced schools and seminars (6)

  • 01-2018 : Mazé, C., Ragueneau, O., Church, J.M., The governance of social-ecological systems, Meeting of the scientific council of the french LTSER network, Mouchard.
  • 10-2017 : Ragueneau, O., Mazé, C., Chauvaud, L. Guarini, J. et al., The impossible Sustainability of the bay of Brest, ILTER congress, Nantes.
  • 06-2017 : Mazé, C., Member of the French Delegation for CNRS at the first UN Ocean conference (SDG 14)
  • 07-2017 : Mazé, C., Ragueneau, O., Church : Interdisciplinary CNRS-SENSE Summer School on the Governance of Socio-Ecological Systems, Brest.
  • 01-2017 : Mazé, C., Ragueneau, O. : Lecture during the Interdisciplinary PhD course in Marine Sustainability, Future Earth Norway, Nord University, Nordland Research Institute, UiT The Arctic University of Norway.
  • 01-2016 : Mazé, C., Ragueneau, O : The governance of marine social-ecological systems, Poster, Future Earth Oceans Knowledge-Action Network Workshop, Kiel.
  • 10-2016 : Mazé, C., Ragueneau, O : To grasp power in action, Poster, 1st Open science meeting ILTER, South Africa.
  • 07-2016, Lecture, Mazé, C., Ragueneau, O : Science / Policy interface, Rheims GOSES Summer School 2016.

SELECTED PUBLICATION : Peer-rewewed publications in France, Germany, Romania, United-States.

Books (2)

  • Mazé, C. (2014). La fabrique de l’identité européenne. Dans les coulisses des musées de l’Europe. Paris : Belin, Socio-histoires, 320 p.
  • Mazé, C., Poulard, F., Ventura, C. (dir.) (2013), Musées d’ethnologie. Culture, politique, changement institutionnel, Éditions du CTHS, Paris, 149 p.

Articles (11)

  • Raoux, A., M. Dambacher, J., Pezy, J.-P., Mazé, C., Dauvin, J.-C., Niquil, N., (2018). Assessing cumulative socio-ecological impacts of offshore windfarm development in the Bay of Seine (English Channel), in Marine Policy, vol. 89, February 2018 : 11–20.
  • Wilson, J., Hinz, S., Coston-Guarini, J., Guarini, J.-M, Mazé, C., Chavaud, L., (2017). "System Based Assessments - improving the confidence in the EIA process", in Environments. 4. 95.
  • Ragueneau, O., Raimonet, M., Mazé, C., Coston-Guarini, J., Chauvaud, L., Danto, A., Grall, J. Jean, F., Paulet, Y-M., Thouzeau, G., The impossible sustainability of the Bay of Brest ? Fifty years of ecosystem evolution, interdisciplinary knowledge construction and key questions at the science-policy-community interface, Frontiers in Marine Science (under review).
  • Mazé, C., Dahou, T., Ragueneau, O., Weisbein, J., Mariat-Roy, E., Raimonet, M., Danto, A. 2017. Knowledge and power in integrated coastal management : For a political anthropology of the sea combined with the marine environment sciences. Comptes-rendus Geoscience.
  • Mazé, C., Cazalet, B., Moalic, H. 2017. « Marine natural parks : tools for territorial governance or a national policy instrument », Multipurpose Marine Protected Areas, a new approach for managing the seas, Springer (in press).
  • Mazé, C., Ragueneau, O. 2017. Governance of the ocean : where science meets politics / La gouvernance de l’océan, un chantier politique multi-niveaux, L’Océan à découvert, Ed. CNRS.
  • Mazé, C., Meur-Férec, C. 2017. « Littoral », in Dictionnaire encyclopédique de la décentralisation, Kada, N., Pasquier, R., Courtecuisse, C., Aubelle, V. (dir.), éd. Berger-Levrault, 1096 p.
  • Mazé, C., Ragueneau, O., Weisbein, J., Mariat-Roy, E. 2015. « Pour une anthropologie politique de la mer ». Revue internationale d’ethnographie, n° 5.
  • Mazé, C., Poulard, F., Ventura, C. 2015. Dismantling, Reorganization, and Creation : The Introduction to Ethnology Museums : Culture, Politics, and Institutional Change, Museum Anthropology Review, 9/ 1-2 : 35-56.
  • Mazé, C. 2012. Des usages politiques du musée à l’échelle européenne. Contribution à l’analyse de l’européanisation de la mémoire comme catégorie d’action, Politique européenne, n°37, p. 70-100.
  • Mazé, C. 2009. Les musées de l’Europe, outil de production d’un ordre symbolique européen, Regards Sociologiques, n°37-38, p. 60-80.